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but we're faster and never scared
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a graphics comm
Hello and welcome to asadpicture, a graphics community maintained by yours truly, Ali. This is a place where I post my graphics, which at this point in time mostly consist of icons and picspams. I'm always looking for friends and viewers so feel free to watch or join. Just make sure to follow the rules listed below and I'm sure we'll get along. and just so you know, my name comes from the Taylor Swift song Change. Thank you and have a nice day :)

-Comment is not required but greatly appreciated. I try my hardest to respond to each comment

-Credit is a must. If you don't know have to credit please tell me & I'll show you how

-No bashing of any fandoms, ships, or actors/actresses. That's just mean and not allowed. I respect if you have different opinions, but there are not haters here


If you would like to be affiliates please message me!

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